T-Shirt Sizing Estimation Technique

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In the world of Agile development, where adaptability and efficiency are essential, finding the best estimation technique can be a game-changer. T-Shirt Sizing is one of the most intuitive and widely used techniques and can help your team strive to estimate effort with precision!

What is the T-Shirt Sizing agile estimation technique

T-Shirt Sizing is a straightforward approach to estimation that involves assigning sizes to user stories or tasks based on their complexity or effort required.

Drawing inspiration from the familiar sizes of T-shirts (small, medium, large, extra large, and so on), teams use these relative sizes to define how hard it would be to complete each item.

Why use the T-Shirt Sizing agile estimation technique

The beauty of T-Shirt Sizing lies in its simplicity and accessibility. Unlike more complex estimation methods that require extensive explanation, T-Shirt Sizing relies on intuitive comparisons.

T-Shirt Sizing fosters collaboration and consensus within the team. It encourages open discussion about the scope and complexity of each task, leading to a shared understanding among team members.

Additionally, T-Shirt Sizing promotes the focus on relative effort rather than absolute numbers, reducing the pressure to provide pinpoint accuracy in estimations.

How to use the T-Shirt Sizing agile estimation technique

Implementing the T-Shirt Sizing Agile Estimation Technique is easy! Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Gather the Team: Bring together the relevant stakeholders, including developers, product owners, and other team members involved in the estimation process.
  2. Present the User Stories: Show the user stories or tasks to be estimated. Ensure that each item is well-defined and understood by everyone in the team.
  3. Discuss Complexity: Encourage team members to discuss the complexity and effort required for each item. Consider factors such as technical challenges, dependencies, and unknowns.
  4. Assign Sizes: Allow team members to individually assign a size to each item based on their perception of its complexity.
  5. Compare and Consolidate: Once everyone has assigned sizes, compare the estimates for each item. Discuss any differences and reach a consensus on the final size for each user story or task.
  6. Repeat: Do the same process described above for every user story or task.

Alternative agile estimation techniques

The key to successful agile estimation sessions is finding the best technique for your team or project. Therefore, you may also want to check out the Scrum Poker and Fibonacci techniques and pick the most suitable estimation poker deck for you!

Online T-Shirt Sizing Estimation Tool

By embracing the principles of transparency, collaboration, and continuous improvement, T-Shirt Sizing offers a refreshing approach to Agile estimation.

An online tool such as PlanITPoker aligns perfectly with these principles and enhances the effectiveness of this technique, providing features like:

  • Decks that you can customize further to fit your needs
  • Automatically calculates the average effort estimated
  • Allows you to set a final estimate based on consensus
  • Charts with the distribution of votes
  • Quick access to your previous sessions
  • and much more!

Ready to apply T-Shirt Sizing on your next estimation session? Try PlanITPoker for free!