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Gabor HorvathScrum Master
I received a very prompt response to my question, and also a promise that my feature suggestion will be considered soon. Thanks!
Rodrigo QueirogaLíder de Produto, Seidor
A melhor ferramenta do mercado, que possibilita eficiência e confiança para simular o planning poker. Não há limitação de usuários/participantes simultâneos em cada sala e outro ponto forte é o registro dos históricos de todos as votações. Aderiu totalmente à nossa realidade, além de possuir um suporte extremamente eficiente.
Roderick van der Lek avatar
Roderick van der LekCo-Founder, Sirius Growth
Easy and free to use tool to estimate work with your team during refinements / planning.
@bfakhriloo avatar
An interesting tool to estimate the amount of work required for a task in Scrum. (Translated from Persian by Google)
Andrey Alekseev avatar
Andrey Alekseev
A fairly convenient website on the Internet for estimating the complexity of tasks using the Scrum methodology.
I found a great planning poker tool. When I was face-to-face, I used my finger to point out points, but since this time I'm remote, I'm relying on tools. (Translated from Japanese by Google)
@entmindful avatar
PlanITPoker Making Estimating Agile Projects Accurate & Fun!
Eric Rajkovic
PlanITPoker is a great tool when you need it ;)
Mitch Fincher avatar
Mitch Fincher
Great Agile planning tool for estimation.
Pavel Dvorak
Are you searching tool for online scrum poker? Try PlanITPoker
Great tool for scrum estimation and Planning Poker: Easy to use, quick to get started. Great for distributed teams.
Hasan Turksoy
Not having planning poker cards for all the team members is not a blocker anymore :)
DanielSoftware Engineer, Medtronic
Really great tool. We love it! Many thanks to the PlanITpoker team for their super fast actions on our request for a new feature.
Felicia NeukirchProduct Owner, Nelnet
I found a bug today where the month abbreviation was incorrect. They fixed it within an hour or so. Great tool and company!
Allen Estes avatar
Allen EstesSenior Software Engineer, Hilton
Our boss introduced us to "planItpoker". This tool was awesome for what we were doing. It actually felt a bit like a game, and was fun.
Helio Nogueira
Pure & Simple Planning. Make Estimating Agile Projects Accurate & Fun.
@daevunfe avatar
We use PlanITPoker and it works well enough.
Shane Williamson avatar
Shane Williamson
Love using PlanITPoker for user story estimation in agile & team voting sessions. Wonderful user experience too!
David Wood
Love this tool! You all rock!
Juan Alvarez
Cool tool I am playing around with for scoring stories.
Joshua Indech
This is a great tool that is great for poker planning for those using Agile scrum for planning and estimation.
Jason Knight avatar
Jason Knight
Great looking tool!
Marco Lawrenz avatar
Marco Lawrenz
Sridhara Rao
I am impressed with the tool. The new version is even more faster and reliable. Thanks!
Alicia M Trunzo
I love that I am fully customize a room and pointing cards for my team. This allows us to function smoothly and getting through all of our grooming sessions with more ease.
Gabriele Proni avatar
Gabriele ProniCTO & COO, Voxloud
Useful tool to agree on story points
MacKenzie Ginithan
Tip for planning poker while working remote. Use PlanITPoker. Simple. Looks Great. And Effective. Highly recommend!
Emilio Watemberg
Muy buena app para poder estimar con equipos distribuidos... +1 que permita su uso sin necesidad de registrarte.
@curryisdrink avatar
This tool of planning poker is good! (Translated from Japanese by Google)
Geoffrey S avatar
Geoffrey S
If you have no cards and you need a free Sprint Planning voting tool that doesn't require an account, try PlanITPoker. Require only a mobile or desktop browser.
Chris Hough avatar
Chris Hough
We have switched to PlanITPoker for sizing and so far it has been the best sizing tool I have used.
Max Sterling
Great tool for Poker planning.
Bárbara Barreira
Awesome and funny way to set Story Points :)
Yiğit Bekir Kaya avatar
Yiğit Bekir Kaya
Neat tool for "planning poker" part of the Scrum process.