Agile Estimation Techniques

In the dynamic world of Agile development, estimation is not just about numbers; it is about fostering collaboration, empowering teams, and driving successful project outcomes.

Agile estimation techniques provide a structured approach to predicting effort and time required for completing tasks, ensuring teams stay on track and deliver value efficiently.

The Scrum Poker technique

The Scrum Poker technique brings together diverse perspectives and expertise of team members to reach a consensus regarding the effort needed to complete a task.

Imagine a scenario where team members hold up cards with numbers representing the complexity of a task. Through open discussion and debate, the team aligns on a shared understanding of the task's complexity.

Scrum Poker fosters transparency, encourages dialogue, and leverages the team's wisdom to generate more accurate estimations.

The Fibonacci technique

The Fibonacci technique uses a sequence where each number is the sum of the two preceding ones. In Agile estimation, the Fibonacci sequence is used to reflect the nonlinear nature of complexity.

By assigning Fibonacci numbers to tasks, teams acknowledge the inherent uncertainty and variability in project requirements.

The T-Shirt Sizing technique

The T-Shirt Sizing technique offers a straightforward and intuitive approach to estimation by making the relative size and effort required for tasks more obvious.

Tasks are given clothing sizes based on their complexity and effort. This technique simplifies the estimation process, making it accessible to all team members, regardless of their technical expertise.

T-Shirt sizing promotes clarity, eliminates unnecessary complexities, and accelerates decision-making, enabling teams to focus on delivering value.

Online Agile Estimation Tool

By embracing the principles of transparency, collaboration, and continuous improvement, agile estimation helps teams achieve greater accuracy when predicting the effort required to complete tasks.

An online tool such as PlanITPoker aligns perfectly with these principles and enhances the effectiveness of this technique, providing features like:

  • Decks that you can customize further to fit your needs
  • Automatically calculates the average effort estimated
  • Allows you to set a final estimate based on consensus
  • Charts with the distribution of votes
  • Quick access to your previous sessions
  • and much more!

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