During what phase of an agile project is the planning poker used?

    Choose one or more of the following:

  • Estimating the features of the project

Why this is the correct answer

Planning Poker is used during the estimation phase of an agile project to evaluate the effort required to implement the project's features. This technique involves all members of the development team, promoting collaboration and ensuring that different perspectives are considered.

During a Planning Poker session, team members use numbered cards to assign an effort estimate to each feature. Each member selects a card representing their estimate, and all cards are revealed simultaneously. If there are significant differences in estimates, the team discusses the reasons behind the varying perceptions until a consensus is reached.

The main objective of Planning Poker is to obtain more accurate estimates and reduce uncertainty. Through this technique, the team can identify and resolve ambiguities, clarify requirements, and better understand the work needed to complete each feature, resulting in more effective and realistic planning.

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